About Us

Well, eager to learn more? You certainly wonder ‘Who are those finger food hotties?'.
We are more than 500 tough frostkrone employees on permanent duty in production and in the office - all with a hot love for finger food and East Westphalia. We romp around the two perfect finger food production plants in Rietberg and Paderborn. And, most recently, in our Foodservice headquarters in Breda/Holland. Every year, we prepare a whopping 20,000 tons of the most crunchy finger food for you and the world. Just count on 10 fingers: that’s about 280 tons per week and up to 1,250 tons per month! Pretty impressive, right? And we are very proud of. Why not? Freshly founded in 1997, we are just a little older than 25 years.
We are producing in a three-shift system. In addition to our supreme disciplines deep-frying, breading and freezing, we pack your finger food completely individually on the spot.

We are a dab hand at satisfying your needs.
Whether you are looking around in the food retail, discount or food service: with our deep-frozen convenience food we can respond quickly and flexibly to your needs. We are keen on developing and producing new product ideas every day. This is how we meet the right taste worldwide. And we provide you with the most tempting recipes for your hunger for success.

New York, Chicago, Dubai, London or Asia - we search the whole world for the hottest treats for you. Our food trend researchers are up to date in terms of taste and provide the suitable finger food for every eating occasion.

Cool and crisp - just an invitation to bite into:
Germany, Scandinavia, Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Eastern Europe and the US already have the munchies for frostkrone finger food. Who’s next in line?


Hot production –

our top strength

We really know what it takes. And one thing is for sure: who promises a lot, must also deliver. The customer is merciless and quickly knows: is it hot or not?

We are top organised when it comes to manufacturing. At the beginning there is the idea: what new delicacy can we turn into a hot offer for the deep-frozen food segment? We want to revive the taste buds and fuel the cravings. International food trends and wishes from magnificent business partners land on our kitchen table and are quickly tested. Our experts create ingenious fillings for the finest finger food in crispy coatings. It’s obvious that such an effort must be technically and operationally managed. We are really good at this. In fact that good that we made Jalapeños from Mexico, Peppadews from South Africa, Thai Asian specialties and also the Mini Corny Dogs suitable for retail and brought them to the freezers. Yup, this was us! The East-Westphalians with a sense of hot taste.

In addition to terrific finger food, we also have a good flair for advanced technology. With our in-line production, state-of-the-art machinery and effective production processes, we are up to date in production. We are investing to keep the stoves hot.


A cheer for our quality standards

Quality is a standard? Yes, for sure. To cap it all off we are working with fresh products. The sensitive foodstuffs are therefore handled with utmost care. And that’s why we work with reliable, long-term suppliers. Regular quality controls and standards are absolute prerequisites in our plants and just normal for us. Cool and crisp in a nutshell: we stand for first-class quality in terms of recipes, production, packaging and delivery of goods.

But in fact we have more to offer. We want it in black and white: regular certification according to IFS Food (International Featured Standard Food), BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) and MSC (Standard for Sustainable Fish Products) is a must-have for us. Some of our products have already received the Halal certificate. Just ask us!


Our heart beats

for soccer

Sponsorship for teams with fans who are as hot as our finger food. Real counterattack with hand play against cravings - and not only before, after and during halftime: frostkrone makes the commitment for football to a tasty standard situation.


Social Commitment is

a matter of honour

Honour to whom honour is due! And here we have the volunteers in mind. We can understand when you are passionately committed to something and are burning for it. We are on pretty much the same wavelength. That's why we want to support what we like and what we stand for. Volunteers, clubs and events: our social commitment is meant for you and for you we gladly have our fingers in the pie.

For good reasons we have already supported a few projects. Important for us is: sports! Sport is exercise, progress, thrills and team spirit. All the attributes that we live and experience at frostkrone. That's why we are getting close and excited when we can bring forward an event or project. We like the idea that we can help shaping the future by our commitment. The idea of young people achieving personal goals and freedoms with the support of frostkrone makes us very proud. And, at the bottom of our hearts, we are just keen on all the action!

We have been very active in the last few years. We are involved in: Supporters of the Rietberger Bürgerstiftung (civic foundation), in action for the DJK Rheda basketball team, on equestrian events in Münster, premium partner for the largest F-Youth tournament, the Football-Merkur-Cup, official product partner of BVB, main sponsor of SpVgg Unterhaching and, most recently, of the TuS Westfalia Neuenkirchen, as co-sponsor for the new artificial turf pitch at the 'frostkrone Football Park'. Yes, we think that's exciting and thrilling!