The ethical principles of the Frostkrone Food Group


1 Fundamental behaviour

1.1 Compliance with legislation and internal guidelines

Laws and all other manner of legal and tax stipulations together with internal guidelines shall be observed by the frostkrone companies in every country. All employees are therefore bound to be aware of and to observe all the relevant legislation and internal guidelines pertaining to their professional tasks and activities.

1.2 Mutual respect
One of our most fundamental values is the showing of respect to every individual person, a value which goes far beyond the economic benefits that an individual can bring to the company. When dealing with employees and our business partners, we always bring fairness and tolerance into the arena. Any form of discrimination, sexual harassment or any other kind of personal attack on individual persons by staff of the frostkrone company contravenes our corporate principles and will not be tolerated.

1.3 Reliability
Reliability, openness and honesty are virtues which we hold in great esteem and which we actively support; every individual member of staff is responsible for his or her own behaviour. We only promise those things which really are achievable and therefore we preserve our credibility.

1.4 The reputation of frostkrone
Every frostkrone employee, by means of his or her actions and conduct, represents our company to the outside world. Violation of legal requirements and of our values can considerably damage the reputation of frostkrone and also the various brands of our businesses. Consequently employees are to refrain from any such violations.


2 Contact with business partners and third parties

2.1 Competition and antitrust law

We compete with other companies both in the procurement and also in the sales markets. It is our firm belief that such competition has to be carried out using fair methods in the context of the legal requirements. And we similarly believe that the corporate strengths of frostkrone will enable us to thrive amid this competition. Every member of staff is required to ensure that no illegal means are employed in order to gain any kind of advantage.

The following are especially prohibited:

• Exchange of information with competitors about prices, calculations, costs, margins, production output or any other subjects relevant for competition purposes.

  • Agreements or arrangements to divide up and allocate geographical regions, customers or supply sources, to determine ways of distributing orders when receiving offers, to forgo competitive activities, to take part in a collective course of action against suppliers or customers or to become involved in any other actions restricting competition practices. 

• Illegal agreements regarding price fixing or the exertion of pressure in order to influence the resale prices of our customers.

  • The forwarding of information on customers/suppliers to other customers/suppliers.

2.2 Granting and accepting advantages
We expressly reject all manner of bribery as a means of achieving an anti-competitive edge – therefore it is not permitted for employees to offer or grant advantages to officials or business partners with the aim of securing orders or any other benefits. 

Similarly no frostkrone employee is allowed to use his or her position in the company to request or accept any personal advantages.

An employee is under obligation to inform his or her superior immediately if he or she is met with requests for the granting of advantages or if such advantages are offered to him or her by business partners or third parties. The granting or accepting of occasional or courtesy gifts of symbolic value and likewise the extending and accepting of invitations to meals or events are procedures that are in principle permitted.

2.3 Expectations placed on suppliers and service providers
frostkrone as a company of great integrity wishes to collaborate with business partners of the same moral standing. We therefore expect from suppliers and service providers that these comply with our values and they observe current legislation, that they reject corruption, that they respect human rights and employment laws including laws on child labour, that they take measures to protect the environment and that they also demand such appropriate rulings in their own supply chains.


3 Dealings with employees and social partners

3.1 Anti-discrimination
We always treat our employees with fairness and tolerance. We categorically reject all of the following: discrimination on the grounds of nationality, ethnic background, skin colour, gender, religion, culture, appearance, handicap, age, sexual orientation, political persuasion, membership in trade unions or in worker representation groups. 

3.2 Working conditions
Holding our employees in high esteem also means for us that we provide them with a place of work which offers a high degree of safety. All employees are required to adhere to safety precautions and also are to report to their appropriate superior any safety defects and potential accident risks so that the relevant precautionary steps can be taken. 
Employees are paid a reasonable wage. Legal regulations regarding hours of work and holiday entitlement are observed. Child labour and every form of forced or compulsory labour are not tolerated.

3.3 Management culture
For us the concept of management is synonymous with the taking on of responsibility for all employees entrusted to our care. Every one of our managers has to gain the recognition of his or her members of staff by means of exemplary behaviour, accomplishments, openness and social competence. Their range of responsibility also encompasses the supporting of employees in their development by means of providing staff with challenging tasks and suitable training programmes. 


4 Conflicts of interest

In the spirit of both goal-oriented and also result-oriented approaches, it always remains a priority that business decisions, to the best of one's knowledge and belief, shall be taken in the interests of frostkrone, while the legitimate interests of our customers and business partners are nevertheless taken into account. It is not permitted for an employee to follow his or her own interests to the detriment of frostkrone. Every employee is therefore obliged to disclose any possible conflicts of interest to his or her superior or to another person in the company in a position of trust.


5 Handling company property and information

5.1 Protection of company property
frostkrone makes available to its employees machinery/facilities, IT equipment, offices, communication systems and much, much more so that all staff are able to perform their work. This company property shall be used by the employees in an appropriate, responsible, careful and cost-conscious manner. 

5.2 Confidentiality of information
As a basic principle, information on frostkrone or its business partners shall be dealt with confidentially and it is not permitted to pass such information on to unauthorised third parties. This ruling on confidentiality also remains valid after termination of the employment relationship. The exploitation of confidential information for one's own benefit is not permitted. The handling of personal data shall be carried out by the relevant staff in a responsible way and in compliance with all legal requirements and rulings.

5.3 Transparent processes and truthful reporting
Processes carried out at frostkrone are to have the maximum degree of transparency in order to ensure the best possible controllability and to render results completely understandable. All bookkeeping, records and reports are true to the facts, are complete and comply with the current rules and standards laid down for such accounting.


6 Sustainable management

For us the definition of sustainable management is the responsible and long-term business relationship with consumers, customers, suppliers, employees and investors. As a producer of foodstuffs, frostkrone regards the protection of the environment and Mother Nature as enormously important both for us and for future generations. All employees are thus required to behave not only in a quality-oriented way but also in a consumer-oriented one. Similarly they are under obligation to protect the environment by using resources efficiently, by avoiding waste and by recycling whenever possible. 


7 Complaints and information

The contact person for all our employees and business partners for queries regarding this Code of Conduct or for information on contraventions to these rulings is Roman Wedel (Phone: +49 (0)5244 9036181, contactable during the usual hours of business).
These contact details also apply if there are suggestions to be made regarding adjustment or amendment of the Code of Conduct itself. All comments, queries and complaints will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. At frostkrone we endeavour to promote a strong feedback culture where every employee is able to express an opinion openly and honestly without the fear of any repressive measure being taken against him or her. 
Comments in writing can be submitted by every employee in his or her mother tongue. 


8 Consequences of violations 

This Code of Conduct is binding for all employees working at frostkrone. Following a thorough investigation of any contraventions and in accordance with the rulings of the relevant country and location, violations to this Code of Conduct will be penalised independently of the position in the company of the person concerned.


Rietberg/Germany, January 2020