Frostkrone Food Group: Flavourites Make You Rethink Finger Food

Rietberg/Germany, 15 March 2023, Flavourites is the new and unusual food range to come out of the Frostkrone ateliers: for this finger food is manufactured using a special technology, which allows the size and weight of products to be flexibly adapted in line with customer requirements. There is also a high degree of flexibility when it comes to the choice of ingredients.

In a segment like finger food and snacks, a category that is so trend-oriented, there exists an incredible amount of possibilities with which new product ideas can be developed and manufactured.

For starters, the Frostkrone Food Group is now offering three finger food variations in the Flavourite style:

  • Flavourites Crispy Cream Cheese Jalapeños Pops: first of all you meet the crunchy coating that tastes as good when it comes out of your own oven as when it’s prepared in a professional kitchen thanks to its improved recipe. Then you are hit by the magnificently hot piquancy of the jalapeños, which is beautifully paired together with the mild and velvety aroma of cream cheese.
  • Flavourites Crispy Nacho Cheese Jalapeños Bites are a little bigger than the Pops described above. But their coating, hiding a surprise of succulently hot and tangy jalapeños and aromatic Nacho cheese for anyone who bites into them, is just as crispy.
  • Flavourites Crispy Cream Cheese Paprinos Pops: What a taste - the crispy coating is followed by the sweet and spicy combination of red cherry peppers and luscious cream cheese.

So small, so practical

The Flavourites variations are crisped up in the oven or in the deep fryer in no time at all. And thanks to their practical size, they can be eaten in so many different ways: as the classic finger food, as a little snack when playing board games or watching TV in the evening or as a tasty side dish with salads or burgers.


The Frostkrone Food Group - with its headquarters located in the town of Rietberg, in the federal German state of North Rhine-Westphalia - stands out in sharp relief because of its incredibly wide variety of finger food and snacks. The Group markets its products in the food retail trade and also in the food service industry.
The many-faceted range of products is available worldwide in a great deal of countries including those in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Switzerland, in the eastern European countries, Asia and in the USA.

The Frostkrone Food Group boasts several cutting-edge production facilities in Germany, France, Great Britain and in the USA. Since its founding in 1997, the company has established itself as an innovative trendsetter in the deep-frozen, convenience food segment.