Wow, scrumptiously cheesy, big time

“Now This Is Cheesy!” re invents the enjoyment of cheese

Rietberg / Kirkcaldy, 17 August 2021. More variety, more taste, more enjoyment: Innovate Foods with their brand “Now This Is Cheesy!” brings together all the delights of cheese in the handy and practical guise of finger food. Indulge yourself now and melt away!

“We want to offer our customers cheesy snacks that deliver the complete taste of cheese,” explains Tony Dumbreck, Managing Director of Innovate Foods Ltd, adding “Anybody who enjoys cheese is going to love the “Now This Is Cheesy!” selections”

A choice of four vegetarian flavours under the brand name of “Now This Is Cheesy!” has been brought to the market by Innovate Foods:

  • Now This Is Cheesy! Halloumi Fries: the sticks are made of Cypriot halloumi cheese, wrapped in a crispy golden batter, tempura-style. Just 14 minutes in the oven is all they need.
  • Now This Is Cheesy! Cheese ‘O’s: these are delicious cheese & onion rings made from creamy Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheese with finely chopped red onions wrapped  in a crispy breaded coating. Prepared and ready to go after just 10 minutes in the oven.
  • Now This Is Cheesy! Mozzarella Sticks: melt-in-the-mouth mozzarella cheese wrapped in a crispy coating of breadcrumbs. Pop them in the oven for 13 minutes and they turn golden brown and are ready to eat.
  • Now This Is Cheesy! Mac & Cheese Bites: creamy, cheeselicious macaroni enveloped in a crispy breading with rice flakes. Just 12 minutes in the oven and they become gorgeously crispy.

All products go straight from the freezer into the oven. And they are also suitable for the fryer.

When Cheese Becomes Bliss

Now This Is Cheesy! appeals, to the family and young target audience that enjoys a huge variety of finger food when gaming together or going to parties or enjoying an evening in front of the television.

Now This Is Cheesy! is the answer, serving up enjoyment and delight in every bite.  

The products are available now in Great Britain from Ocado and also in several European countries in the food retail trade. Within the next few months, Innovate Foods Ltd is planning to extend the range of this brand by adding vegan options .


Innovate Foods Ltd is one of the leading producers of finger food in Great Britain. In 2020 the company became part of the Frostkrone Food Group.

For more than 30 years Innovate Foods has been developing and producing variations on deep-frozen finger food for the wholesale trade, for retailers and for the food service sector. The company is certified in accordance with the BRC Global Food Standard (A*).

The company, which is located in the Scottish town of Kirkcaldy, boasts cutting-edge production facilities. These work with two production lines The bottom line is that Innovate Foods is  able to turn out bespoke ideas for customers swiftly and flexibly.

The company, which is located in the Scottish town of Kirkcaldy, continues to invest in market leading production facilities. Innovate Foods specialises in food products to delight your customers through focussed research with just a touch of inspiration.  They are your partners for swift and flexible development of best in class bespoke ideas.


The Frostkrone Food Group stands out  because of its incredibly wide variety of finger food and snacks. The Group markets its products in the food retail trade and also in the food service industry. The many-faceted range of products is available worldwide in a great deal of countries including those in Scandinavia, the Netherlands, France, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Switzerland, in the eastern European countries, Asia and in the USA.

The Company Group - with its headquarters located in the town of Rietberg, in the federal German state of North Rhine-Westphalia - is specialised in the production and marketing of deep-frozen finger food and snack products. Since its founding in 1997, the company has established itself as an innovative trendsetter in the deep-frozen, convenience food segment. The Frostkrone Food Group boasts several cutting-edge production facilities in Germany, France, Great Britain and in the USA.

In addition to the frostkrone Tiefkühlkost GmbH and the Bornholter Käsevertriebs- und Produktionsgesellschaft GmbH, since 2018 Piz’wich Europe SAS and Varenne Gastronomie SAS have also been part of the Frostkrone Food Group. In 2019 the US-American business Rite Stuff Foods Inc. swelled the ranks when they joined the Group. Since February 2020 Innovate Foods Ltd and since April 2021 Abergavenny Fine Food Ltd, both from Great Britain, have also belonged to the corporate group.